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 I first began making to-do lists at the ripe age of five, beginning my day at 6:30am “waking up to the sun”. My mom limited by demanding schedule by allowing me to read no more than 10 chapter books per week. I read at lunch, while walking to class, while my parents watched tv – a natural socialite. I launched my first entrepreneurial venture at the age of seven, selling books I had written to family friends for a whopping $2 a piece. One day in middle school (thankfully) I peeked my head out from under a book and realized that in order to bulk up my to-do lists I would need to participate in more social activities. 

Fast forward through the superfluous extracurricular activities, independent writing jobs, an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida (cue buzz word from above), a brief stint in NYC, an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University  (I digress through all of these in this blog), and I finally end up in present-day, working as: a Marketing Director for Crocker Partners, LLC, a Skimm’bassador (you want to sign up here), a freelance writer for Content Bacon and sports media outlets like TwoQBs and RotoViz, and an adjunct professor at NSU’s Wayne Huzienga School of Business. My to-do lists are still my best friends, I thrive in continuing to put too much on my plate and my passions for reading and writing are stronger than ever.

Although I am a proud Type-A overachiever, I’ve never had a clear vision of my end goal – just the desire to do something that makes a difference. Throughout my education and past work experience (see resume) I have developed a passion for understanding the role marketing plays in our daily lives. I cannot visit a website, play a game, or use a product without mentally evaluating and analyzing the user experience. As an individual who came of age in the Internet era, I have a thorough understanding of not only what online resources exist today, but also how our modern society has come to develop and consume through these outlets.

These technological developments fascinate me, as does the surge in popularity of entrepreneurship and start-ups. Although I still don’t have a clear vision of where I want to end up, I am enjoying the ride of working and thriving in a creative habitat. I plan to use this website as the central hub for my writing portfolio and hopefully affords me the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals that would like to connect (oh, and I am always available to take on additional writing gigs).

Describe myself in one word?


I’m the friend who will tell you what you should hear, not just what you want to hear.


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